Racing overview

Racing is fun, exhilarating and rewarding, though can be a little daunting at first. 

However, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea – but that is ok too.  Those that regularly race enjoy meeting up with friends & family and supporting each other during race day events.  If you have any questions about racing, ask at Saturday sign-in; we can put you in touch with members who race and their families.  Additionally, there is usually a pre-season race meeting for parents around February-time, which should give plenty of information for the coming season.

Children race age-related distances for triathlon and associated multi-sport events.  The British Triathlon website gives the full details for the children’s race category age groups and the age-related race distances. However, race distances are not always precise and the British Triathlon rules allow for a little variation.


To compete in a race you need to have a licence.  There are two types:

  1. A day race licence – these are usually bought when you purchase a place in a race (a child’s licence is usually £1, or thereabouts, on top of the race fee)
  2. An annual race licence – included in certain British Triathlon membership packages – you enter your membership number when purchasing a place in a race and you must present your licence on race day.

British Triathlon membership is not compulsory.  However, if you wish to score points towards the Regional League, you will need an annual licence so must become a member.  If you only plan to participate in one or two races, then you will find it is better value to buy a day licence for each race.

Our geographical area falls under the Triathlon England East Region.  There is a very useful East Region League Facebook group – “British Triathlon East Junior Race Series”.