About the Club Championships


The Junior Club has its own Club Championships held across a number of races and Time Trials from April to September.  

Trophies are awarded to the first 3 places in each British Triathlon children’s age category and gender.  The scoring system and events are listed below.  Dates or qualifying events are chosen to avoid clashes with league races.

We will need plenty of helpers for marshalling, timing etc. for each qualifying race and Time Trial, so there will be a call for parent/carer volunteers nearer the time.

The Junior Club Championships awards ceremony and barbeque are held at Thetford Forest as part of a family bike ride activity in October.



The following scoring system will be used:

There will be a total of 6 scores for each Junior from 2 races, 3 Time Trials –  cycling, swimming and running, plus a bonus 50 points for taking part in any Eastern Region League race.

For each race and Time Trial 50 points will be awarded for the 1st (boy and girl) in each age group, 47 points for 2nd place, 45 points for 3rd, 44 points for 4th etc.

The best two scores of the three races available (Rob McLean Triathlon, Junior Club Duathlon and Club Aquathlon) will be taken, so any Junior that takes part in all three races has a better chance of doing well.

Each Junior must take part in at least one Time Trial for each of swimming, running and cycling to get a score for that discipline. There will be a choice of 2 dates for each discipline.  An individual’s best time for each discipline counts towards the score.

To encourage competing across the region, anyone taking part in a League race (Aquathlon, Duathlon or Triathlon) will score 50 points (irrespective of the result).  Only the first external race that you take part in will score – i.e. taking part in the whole League still only scores 50 points. Note that our own League race – the Rob McLean – will not count as an external race.

In the event of a tie the best result from the Rob McLean or Junior Club Duathlon race will be used as the decider – so it is important to take part in at least one of these! Should it be equal after this then it will be an equal first place.