Senior cycling



Training Times

The times of the sessions below are for reference only Please refer to the booking system, as the times change throughout the year depending on the season and amount of light.



Saturday morning cycle ride

Members: Free
Non Members: Free
10:30 am:  Impington Sports Centre

A traditional ‘cycling club run’ loosely organised to accommodate a broad range of cycling ability.

Group ride. Start as a single group at moderate pace. Stop and split into smaller groups as appropriate once out of town. Speeds and distances vary.

We leave the start as a single group and stop to divide into smaller groups based on ability and intended cycling speed once we are out of town. We do not specifically cater for complete beginners though our routes typically remain within 5-10 miles of Cambridge so turning for home early is always an option.

Cyclists are expected to be reasonably self-sufficient (i.e. bike in working order and equipped to repair a puncture) though the group will wait in the event of a puncture and won’t leave anyone without their consent. The groups normally stop at a cafe after about two hours. The ride home takes just under an hour.


Tuesday Chaingang (Summer only – restarts in April)

Members: Free
Non Members: Free
6:30pm:  Junction of Adams and Wilberforce roads.

A group ride in which riders take short turns at the front to keep the pace high. This ride follows the same fixed route each week.  It’s about 25 miles long. Riders start in suitably sized groups.  Ideally each group is between six and fifteen riders of roughly similar ability.  We try to organise this at the start and set the groups off fastest to slowest.  If you start with a group that’s too fast for you you can drop back to a following group.

The idea is to ride through and off all the way round.

There is one significant hill: Chapel Hill between Haslingfield and Barrington).  The groups re-group at Barrington before continuing.  The group must wait if anyone has an accident, a mechanical problem or is held up at a junction.  There is no need to wait if someone punctures.


Turbo training (Winter only)

Members: Free
These will be via a Zoom link available to members.

Progressive structured training from November through March. The sessions are structured and progressive, focussing initially on technique and economy and then on cardiovascular development. They are suitable for (and attended by) cyclists of all abilities from 15 years old upwards.

Time trials

If you are intrested in Time trials there are some held by two local cycle clubs. To get more details click on the links


newmarket cycling triathlon 


Other local cycling

During the summer there are a number of sessions on weekday evenings. See Turbo Training thread for winter midweek cycling. The Cambridge CC Sunday club run leaves Addenbrookes bus stop at 9am year round.