Membership & waiting list


Our club is very popular and there is a waiting list to become a member. 

Our waiting list is not a strict first-come-first served list.  We have three training squads based on age and ability and so we must take into consideration not only your place on the waiting list, but also which squads have spaces to fill.  There is also some priority given to siblings (of current members) who are on the waiting list.   Once we have a suitable place available to you, you will be invited for a swim trial.

What should I do whilst waiting for an invite for a trial?

As our waiting list is long, we encourage you to try to find training opportunities for running, cycling and swimming where you can.  That could be going to a Junior Park Run (or regular Park Run if you are in your teens), going for longer bike rides, or swimming a few lengths if you go to the pool with friends. You might think about taking some more swimming lessons to the higher ASA levels to make sure you are ready for your trial and generally improve your swimming skills.

Also, many people do not realise that you do not need to be a member of a triathlon club to compete in a triathlon race.  You can find out more about children’s triathlon and other multi-sport events on the British Triathlon website – you can start your own triathlon journey while you wait to join a club!