Senior Running


Senior training

Swim and running sessions must be pre-booked. Club Members only.


Running training is often regarded as something that can be done alone, however training with others, and with at coach, can provide a significantly better environment for making improvements.

Our Thursday evening run sessions place considerable emphasis on developing running technique and running speed.


Sunday Long run

Sunday 09:00

Unofficial session; ‘Long’ group run, talking pace, off road where possible.

As this is an unofficial session there is no fee.

The venue changes each week and details are posted a few days beforehand on the club facebook group.  The main meeting locations are below:

Milton Country Park – meet in the car park: Look at Map
Gog Magogs – meet in the car park of Haverhill Road: Look at Map
Wimpole Hall – meet in the car park: Look at Map


Group session

Thursday 18:45-20:00

Session: warm-up, drills, 30~40mins hard intervals, cool-down

Members: Free
Non Members: Free

The switch between winter and summer training venues is asap after the clocks change GMT/BST.

Winter: University Sports Centre, off Charles Babbage Road on the West Cambridge site (n.b. no parking at the Centre)

Summer:  Leys School playing field, Latham Road
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