Senior Club Championships


The aims of the Club Championships are;

  1.  To encourage competition; either between Club members or against your age group peers outside the Club
  2.  To offer opportunities for Club members, their families and friends, to meet socially

To achieve these aims the Championships have been simplified.  The will be fewer nominated races, however, each event has been chosen as a range of distances or formats are available.  There is also the option of playing a Joker.


Race Points

Points will be achieved based upon your position relevant to your age-group winner at the same distance.  For example; if you are a 47 year old male, doing an Olympic distance triathlon at St Neots, you will earn points on the basis of your finishing time compared to the male winner of the 45-50 age group at Olympic distance.  At the same event, if you are a 27 year old female, doing a Sprint distance triathlon, you will earn points on the basis of your finishing time compared to the female winner of the 25-30 age group at Sprint distance.  The age groupings will be those applied by the race organiser.

On the start line you will have 10,000 points.  If your finish time is 90% of the winner’s time you will get 9,000 points.



  • Triathlon;  all four events to count or 3 plus a Joker
  • Swim;  all three events to count or 2 plus a Joker
  • Bike:  all three events to count or 2 plus a Joker
  • Run;  best 4 to count, or best 3 plus a Joker
  • Joker – a race you have entered and notified to the Club Captain at least 2 weeks in advance of the race.  Points will be awarded as above.



You can choose any race format at any distance.  Duathlon and Aquabike can be counted for Triathlon points.  SwimRun events, such as Otillo, can be counted for Swim points.  Cycling sportives that use chip timing, or TTs with published results, can be counted towards Bike points.  A Joker race result can only be used once to count towards one discipline.

Race 3 of the Club Championship Triathlon Races at various distances and use your Ironman as a Joker event
Joker races must take place between 1st February 2019 and 31st October 2019.
Jokers must be notified to the Club Captain at least 2 weeks in advance of the race
Tip – please ensure, wherever possible, you complete the Club box when entering events.



At each of the nominated Championship events the Club gazebo and a couple of flags will be in attendance.  These will be used as a gathering point and a place to leave your bags / excess kit.  We would like to encourage you, your family and friends, to be at the site for the start of the first event of the day and to stay for as long as possible.  Bringing food and refreshments to share is actively encouraged, along with wearing Club kit.

There will be an Event on the Members Only Club Facebook page for each event.  It would be great if you could show yourself as ‘going’ when you have entered a race, or are attending as a cheerleader.  Not only will this help to encourage others to go but may also be an opportunity to help each other out with logistics.

The small print.  The Club Captain’s decision in relation to any aspect of the Club Championships is final.

Great East Swim 20th June
Swim Rutland 16 August
Mass Start September (Details tbc)
3 events or 2 plus a joker to count

10mile TT at Bottisham on 26th April Cambridge Cycling Club full details to follow

Cambridge ½ 8th March
Thursday 16th April, hosted by Cambridge Triathlon Club/Histon & Impington Runners at Cambridge
Thursday 14th May, Ely Running Club
Thursday 4th June, Newmarket Joggers
Thursday 9th July, Saffron Striders
Thursday, 6th August, Haverhill Running Club
Wednesday 2nd September, hosted by Royston Runners at Royston

Best four scores across all the run events to count

Newmarket Spring Sprint 17th May
Tallington 7th June
St Neots; Race 2 – 5th July and Race 3 – 6th September
Bedford Relays 2nd August (will attract bonus points)
Best 3 events or 2 plus a joker to count

I have currently negotiated discounts for entries to all of the NiceTri events at St Neots and also the Tallington tri. Contact me directly if you would like to take advantage of these discounts.