Tips for a good training session


Here are some tips that will help you, your parents/carers and your coaches to have a good training session.

Make sure you are fit, without injury and well enough to train. The same applies to your kit – ensure that it is in good working order.

Before you leave your house make sure you have breakfast, have packed the correct kit for the session and have the means to pay.  Checking the Saturday session plan on the club website and packing your bag the night before is a really good ideaWe suggest you bring a bike lock with you to keep your bike secure in the cycle sheds until it is needed. Dress appropriately for the weather.

Arrive in plenty of time to sign in

The session start time stated is the time the training starts.  For example the Saturday session starts at 8:00am, so arrive at least 10-15 minutes before that to sign in and be ready to train at 8:00am.  Registering on the sign-in sheet also means we know who is in the Club’s care if there is an emergency situation.  If there is an update to any emergency contact details, this is a good time to pass it on to the Club.

Once signed in you should let your coaches know if you have a minor injury or are not feeling 100% well – they may be able to adapt the session plans for your training so you can participate without hurting yourself even more.  If not, they may suggest you join in with the training session in another way.


Please make sure you have a pre-paid card or the correct money to pay for your session. Paying for one session with a £20 can be awkward – we don’t always have change.

Have a good training session and “tri” really hard.

Listen to the instructions from your coach; they give up their own time to volunteer to coach your training session.

Most importantly – enjoy yourself!

Although triathlon is an individual sport, you can always learn by listening to and supporting your fellow Club members (as well as your coaches).

Home time

Make sure the adult who is going to collect you knows the time they need to be there and is on time!  The coaches can’t go home until everyone has been collected – many coaches have other commitments to go to straight after the training sessions end and so need to leave promptly.

Look after your kit

When you get home, empty your swim bag, brush/wipe your shoes and clean your bike ready for the next session. Doing maintenance regularly (e.g. checking bike tyres/brakes/lubricating the chain) and generally looking after your kit means that you will be able to perform to the best of your ability each time you train or race.