Training Sessions


Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the training session commences so you can sign in, pay your session fee (correct cash or yellow pre-paid card) and get changed/ready to begin training at the start time for the session. 

Usually the person in charge of signing in is also coaching so needs to close the register of attendees promptly.

It is very important that you sign-in on the register prior to each training session and that you notify the coaches of any recent minor injuries or if you have arrived not feeling 100% well.  In most cases, the training session can be adapted for you, but on occasion you may be advised that you should not participate for your own safety.  For example, you may have a big cut on your leg.  You could join in with running, but not swim so you can keep the dressing dry. However, we advise you rest at home if you are unwell.

You may wish to download the useful Training Kit Checklist from the Resources section.

The main Saturday training schedule is open to all junior members and is found here

Additional notes:

Waterbeach Barracks sessions will run 8am-9:45am (to allow drop off and collection of siblings around 7:45am and 10am, respectively, at IVC).   Follow the signs to the Sports Hall once you enter the main gate and meet outside the hall.

Park Run (Milton). Meet at IVC as usual at 8am – the group will cycle to Milton together at an easy pace.  You will need a lock to secure your bike and remember to take running shoes if using cycling shoes.  If you’d like to get an official time (recommended), you need to register at  Don’t forget to print and bring your barcode, and to get it scanned at the finish line!

Keep IVC Sports Centre clean and tidy! The Sports Centre is also being used by the general public so be considerate where you leave your belonging, both inside and out.  Wet muddy/grassy trainers should be left outside (usually at the top of the steps to the right of the doors) – don’t forget to collect them on your way home!

Saturday winter training – in the coldest months there will be circuit training in the sports hall before either running or swimming.  Make sure you wear several thin layers to training as you will want to wear fewer layers indoors, but then will need to add more back on to go outside for running.


Which training sessions can I attend?

We don’t expect you to attend all the sessions every week, but hope we will see you at least once a week throughout the year.