The Cyclo-Cacher & Run-Cacher

Public race

Sunday 3rd May 2020


The Cyclo-Cacher

Part geo-caching, part-audax, this event is suitable for on-road and off-road riding as there is no set route to follow. If you’re ready to test your navigation, ingenuity and independence then this is the ride for you!

Event HQ will be at Papworth Everard Village Hall. Registration will open at 8am (along with the coffee stall) and participants will at this point be given a map marked with checkpoints. Riders can set out any time from 9am so take your time to plan your route and decide which checkpoints to grab. All checkpoints are accessible by road or bridleway – often the off-road route is more direct but not as fast as the road route. So should you go on or off road? The choice is yours!

There’ll be a stamp at each checkpoint: mark up your brevet card as you go and when you return to HQ we’ll add up your points tally so you know how you’ve done. There’ll also be a bowl of soup awaiting you (and more coffee) and kudos from your fellow riders waiting to discuss which routes you took and checkpoints you found. Make sure you’re back by 3pm, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the excellent on-road and off-road riding around south-west Cambridgeshire!

As a rough guide to distances we reckon you can cover all 15 checkpoints in about 90-100km on-road / about 60-70km off-road. Of course you can choose how many checkpoints you go for, so you can make your ride much shorter than this.
We welcome junior riders: minimum age 11 years, must be accompanied by an adult up to age 16.
Entry is £20 in advance, or £25 on the day (£5 on the day for juniors).   For more information and to sign up please go to our registration site .

The Run-Cacher

Prefer running? Then the Run-Cacher is for you. There’ll be 9 run checkpoints and we think you could reach all of them by running about 25km, but of course you can choose to visit fewer checkpoints and run much less than this.Entry £10 in advance, £15 on the day. For more information and to sign up please go to our registration site.  


RESULTS 2018 | download pdf

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