Junior Cycling Away Days

Where? We use a small triangular circuit near the Camps between Linton and Haverhill. It’s about 3km (just under 2 miles) long, virtually traffic free and easily marshalled.


Why? The scope for cycle training at IVC is very limited. There are few suitable circuits and the terrain is very flat. The Camps Curcuit allows us to work in smaller groups, to gain experience of riding up and down hill and to ride harder and faster. We can also practise running after cycling much more effectively than we can at Impington.

Details: The session will start at 8:15 and finish at about 9:45 (i.e. will take up about the same amount of the day as our regular session) There will be no swimming session. You’ll require bikes & kit for cycling outdoors and for running off the bike. Parents are welcome to bring bikes & ride too. Please remember your helmet if you plan to ride. We’d also like a few marshalls to stand at the corners of the circuit.

Directions: From the A1307 at Linton take the turning south to Bartlow and the Camps. After driving through Bartlow you’ll come to a junction where two roads join from the right hand side. The first is to Ashdon. Take the second. You are now on our circuit driving the opposite direction from which we’ll be cycling. Please park on this road once clear of the circuit (i.e. beyond the first right turn towards Ashdon & Steventon End).