Saturday training

Training on a Saturday is from 8am to 10am mainly at Impington Village College sports centre, with some sessions at Waterbeach barracks.

Saturday training schedule for 2019

Week Caimans Crocs Dragons Comment
8-9am 9-10am 8-9am 9-10am 8-9am 9-10am
2nd Nov 2019 Run Cycle Run Swim Run Swim
9th Nov 2019 Run Swim Run Cycle Road cycle
16th Nov 2019 Run Cycle Run Swim Run Swim
23rd Nov 2019 Run Swim Run Swim Road cycle
30th Nov 2019 Run Cycle Run Swim Run Swim

Notes -

Waterbeack barracks sessions 

The Barracks is located at the northern end of the village, where the High Street becomes Denny End Road. The postcode is CB25 9PA. The Guardroom is immediately on the left after the barrier. There is parking in front of and to the left of the Guardroom, or on the opposite side of the road. 

We will run Waterbeach sessions from 8:00am until 9:45am. 

Park Run

Meet at 8am at IVC as usual to cycle over to Milton.

If you'd like to get an official time (recommended), then you need to register at you then get a bar code to print out which is scanned at the finish and your times will be online by lunchtime.